Ochre hunting in the Forest

It has been very exciting to discover I can dig up natural earth pigments in my local landscape and turn them into useful paints and printing inks. This is something I have thought about for years, the idea of embedding place into prints and making work that is made directly from the land, transformed through processes but still retaining that sense of place and connection.

The raw natural state of ochre pigments is very beautiful, I think it has something to do with refracting light, there is a deep rich feel to ochre that resonates with print techniques like etching and lithography that give a rich feel to the ink.

This research has led me to hearing stories about Clearwell Caves and the underground world of the Forest, taken me on missions of discovery and tuned my eye to the subtleties of noticing ochre pigment seams in a rock face.



2 thoughts on “Ochre hunting in the Forest

  1. Hi Nicola are these watercolour pigments available for commercial purchase?
    I’m a former resident of the area , also an amateur watercolour artist And would love to try out these pigments with a mining theme as a subject.
    Kind regards VivWilliams


    1. Hi Viv
      I am terribly sorry to only just reply, I have recently set up a new website: https://www.nicholagoff.com and haven’t got around to putting a forwarding message on the old site. As a result I haven’t been checking it. The watercolours I have made from the earth pigments have so far only been for community projects but I am planning to create a number of sets to sell. I hope to have some ready to sell in time for Christmas although it is not currently a priority. If you visit my new website, I have set up a mailing list and there are also links to social media accounts you can follow, all of which I will advertise on if or when I manage to actually make things to sell!
      Thanks for your interest
      All the best


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