Working with colour from the coal mines

Mixing watercolour paint from Six Bells Burnt Ochre

I have been lucky enough to have a lovely little commission during lockdown, engaging with a fascinating project ‘Colour from the Coal Mines’, exploring the ochre pigment developed by Onya McCausland; turning the sludge from mine water treatment sites into stunning pigments. Four pigments, Bideford Black and Ochre from two of the South Wales mine water treatment sites have been made into watercolour paints for the community around the Six Bells site in Abertillery to use and explore over the coming months via an online tutorial and set of guidelines. 
This project is supported by Slade School of fine art @ucl, The Coal Authority and The Leverhulme Trust.
More info at: https://turninglandscapeintocolour
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Six Bells Burnt Ochre

A reflective diary on setting up an art collective

I was hoping to keep this blog private but after experimenting with tumblr for a long time I have concluded the format simply does not work with the privacy settings on. So here it is, made public, a reflective diary style blog about setting up the SHEBANG collective. There is a lot of waffle and it is rather inward looking, I could have not told anyone it was out there, but as I am a fan of processes and transparency I have figured it may be of interest to someone.

Recent work from A MAkers Dozen exhibition

Work exhibited as part of my masters research in art, health & wellbeing. Drawings made from hand gathered ochre’s from the Forest of Dean and charcoal made in the Fire, Earth, Art workshops.

The exhibition showcased work from 12 women artists all studying on the masters degree, exhibited at West Wharf gallery in Cardiff.